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Ministry Of Finance
Controller General of Accounts
Institute of Government Accounts and Finance
Central Pension Accounting Office
Controller General of Defence Accounts
Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Ministry of Personnel, PublicGrievances and Pensions
Department of Health Research (DHR)
Department of Health and Family Welfare (HFF)
Department of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)
Department of National AIDS Control Programme (NACO)
Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH)
Distribution of Work amongst various Sections

The Accounts organization is  responsible for:

  • Ensuring prompt payments
  • Speedy settlement of Pensions, Provident Fund and other claims
  • Compilation and submission of Monthly and Annual Accounts, Finance Accounts to CGA
  • Making available accounting information to concerned authorities for effective Financial management

The CCA’s organization discharges its above responsibilities through two basic units (a) Pay and Accounts Office (b) Principal Accounts Office.

(a) THE PAY AND ACCOUNTS OFFICE is the basic unit of departmentalized accounts organization. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has 11 PAO Offices out of which 7 are located in Delhi and rest 4 in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Puducherry respectively. Their main functions include:

  • Pre – Audit and payment of all bills, including those of loans and grants-in-aid, submitted by Non – Cheque Drawing DDOs.
  • Issue of quarterly Letters of Credit to Cheque Drawing DDOs and post audit of their vouchers.
  • Compilation of monthly accounts of receipts and payments made by them incorporating therewith the accounts of the Cheque Drawing DDOs.
  • Maintenance of GPF accounts and authorization of retirement benefits.

(b) THE PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTS OFFICE performs all administrative functions on matters relating to the Accounting organization in Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It is also responsible for all co-ordination function of accounts with the Ministry, CGA and other organizations.

The functions of Pr.A.O. are as under :

  • Consolidation of accounts of Ministry and its submission to the CGA
  • Annual Appropriation Accounts
  • Statement of Central Transactions
  • Preparation of ‘Accounts at a Glance’
  • Union Finance Accounts which are submitted to the CGA, Ministry of Finance and Director General of Audit, Central Revenue.
  • Payment of loans and grants to State Governments.
  • Rendering technical advice to all PAOs and Ministry; if necessary in consultation with other organization like DOPT, CGA, etc.
  • Preparation of Receipt Budget
  • Preparation of Pension Budget
  • Procuring and supplying cheque books to PAO/Cheque drawing DDOs
  • Maintenance necessary liaison with Controller General of Accounts office and to effect overall co-ordination and control in accounting matters and accredited Bank. Verify and reconcile all receipts and payments made on behalf of Ministry of Home Affairs through the accredited Bank, State Bank of India.
  • Maintaining accounts with Reserve Bank of India relating to Ministry of Home Affairs and reconciling the cash balances.
  • Deals with administrative matter of all P.A.O.s
  • Provide advise sought by P.A.O.s & D.D.Os
  • Issue of Letter of Authorisation for Inter Ministry Adjustment.


Internal Audit is one of the main tool worldwide for the Management to introspect the short falls and weak links of the system and with the same aim CCA office for the information of the Chief Accounting Authority is assigned with this duty. The Internal Audit  also conducts Performance Audit of the Grantee institutions.

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